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The company was established in 2013, K-Trend Investment Ltd.’s founder, Eng. Ramadhani Mrisho developed focusing on the distribution of medical diagnostic equipment and related supplies.

K-Trend Investment Ltd. is located in Tanzanian commercial city, Dar Es Salaam, with the Head office located in Mikocheni B and a retail shop in Kariakoo.

It is a high-tech company in the health sector that provides integrated solutions by importing high-quality medical imaging equipment and laboratory supplies, sales, and after-sales service.

As one of the most effective medical equipment suppliers in the Tanzanian market, K-Trend insists on people-for-most and market-oriented, upholding creativity and care customers, and mainly devoted to focusing on innovation through working with the best manufacturers of clinical medical equipment.

K-Trend Investment specializes in the importation and distribution of radiology equipment: digital x-ray machines, MRI Scanners, CT Scanners, Ultrasound Scanners and Laboratory equipment and supplies from reputable Multinational Enterprises (MNEs).

The corporate vision emphasizes the company’s focus on the Promotion of reliable distribution of high innovative healthcare products to serve for community’s health. Company’s mission is “To distribute the healthcare products that are affordable and of the highest quality and achieve high customer satisfaction within the sector”.



The company focuses on distributing affordable healthcare products and of the highest quality and achieving high customer satisfaction within the sector.


The corporate vision emphasizes the company’s focus on promoting the reliable distribution of highly innovative healthcare products to serve the community’s health.



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Markets and Distribution Networks

K-rend is based in Dar Es Salaam, dealing with all customer segments, government and private hospitals, and has established distribution networks and customer service agencies in major provincial and commercial cities across the country.

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